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XSTAR Doppler Scoring Radar (DSR) Series


The XSTAR DSR Series advanced, CW-Doppler tracking radar offers Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) users the ability to acquire and track multiple, energetic, in-fl ight objects and provides precision TSPI and Doppler data products during tests of a large variety of weapons. These tests include gun and projectile tests, missile/rocket fi rings, ejection-seat tests, gun-systems tests against air-to-ground weapons, air-to-air engagements, drone launches, bomb/small-missile fl ight-trajectory TSPI, and impact-scoring, UAV tests. CW Doppler TSPI radars are ideally-suited for these tests, and the XSTAR DSR is designed to offer maximum flexibility with the highest performance in these RDT&E scenarios. The DSR design rovides up to 80 Watts per panel of continuous radiated RF power, yet it can be operated continuously in hot desert environments with ambient air cooling. This high-power design provides a signifi cant performance capability in a small, mobile confi guration that is easily positioned to exploit any test scenario and provide high-quality TSPI and Doppler (I/Q) data for post-mission analysis and real-time TSPI for designating other sensor systems and/or for real-time data presentation to users, customers, and other observers at an operations center. The XSTAR DSR is available in a number of models and power levels to meet any operational requirement. With 40 to 80 Watts per transmit-antenna panel, the DSR illumination power is based on the number of panels activated and can be confi gured from 80 to 1280 Watts total radiated power. The transmitter output is phase-adjustable providing a variable control of transmitter beam width without loss of transmitter power from the minimum beam width shown in the table on the reverse side to a maximum of 10 degrees. The array panels can be confi gured from 2x1 to 4x4 as shown in the table. Reference performance values for RF loop gain and 12-dB SNR range on a 6-inch sphere are also provided.

  • 100% Duty-cycle operation at full power.
  • Real-time time space position information (TSPI) on targets within selectable beam width.
  • Remotely-controllable, MIL rugged computer.
  • CW, FMCW, and MFR Doppler waverform modes.
  • Highly-mobile, compact, lightweight, and rugged single-axle trailer.
  • Real-time and quick-look postmission data products.
  • Ethernet or removable-disk data retrieval.
  • Triple-screen, HD display and "live" camera video.



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