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VSTAR is deployed in monostatic or network configurations providing allsky precision tracking of multiple airborne and surfacebased objects simultaneously  and continuously in real time. VSTAR uses interferometric covariance array signal processing derived from technology developed by STAR Dynamics for its X-band Space Time Adaptive Radar (XSTAR) advancedinstrumentation radar system.

A track-while-scan radar, VSTAR   continuously–tracks targets at low or high altitude moving  at slow speeds (e.g., surface targets such  as ships, ground vehicles, or UAVs) and  at high velocity (e.g., rockets, missiles, and high-performance aircraft).

A particularly-unique feature for VHF surveillance radars, VSTAR discriminates between verylowaltitude, slow-moving airborne targets and surface-based targets using interferometric antenna-array processing for accurate target position referenced to an embedded terrain elevation database.

VSTAR provides a comprehensive, multipletarget tracking capability without complex mechanical or active-digital control. The system uses relatively low-gain antennas to create broad coverage areas that are then scanned during signal processing to establish detections, target locations, and target dynamics.

  • Tower-mounted transmit and receive antenna networks.
  • CW transmitter system with a set of solidstate, high-power amplifiers (SSPAs).
  • Provides multiple-object tracking slant ranges of several hundred kilometers with one-second updates.
  • Unique track-to-track data association that enables track coasting.
  • Man-machine interface (MMI) incorporating modern, simplistic visualization displays.
  • Baseband digital signal generation subsystem produces frequency and phase waveforms enabling MF range tracking and proprietary range disambiguation schemes.
  • Ruggedized, advanced, fully-coherent, multielement antenna array subsystem.
  • Listen-only mode to identify jamming, interfering frequencies, and source directions.
  • Modern, object-oriented, distributed-computing environment with built-in system-status monitoring.
  • Expandable to a network of radars with central-track-association processing and command and control.



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