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Last Updated Tuesday, March 20, 2012 8:13:25 PM


Fulfilling All RCS Measurement Needs
KNOWBELL is configurable for indoor and outdoor RCS range support, as well as flight-line and in-factory quality-assurance measurements. KNOWBELL is independent of data format supporting over a dozen leading instrumentation radars, and new formats are added as needed.
KNOWBELL operates on the Windows operating system and features a programmable user interface and powerful scripting language.
Production-Quality RCS Data Products
KNOWBELL is dedicated to productionquality RCS data products. Ultralow distortion signal processing algorithms ensure consistency and repeatability, and a uniform approach is used to process both narrow-band and wide-band data. Advanced data re-sampling filters and calibration routines allow data comparison from run to run, even data from different sites. A full repertoire of tools for raw-data processing produce the vital information needed in your measurements program.        
Intuitive User Interface
KNOWBELL’s streamlined user interface simplifies and speeds processing of  target files.  KNOWBELL may be customized to enhance productivity for all levels of users. Within hours, even complex image-diagnostic procedures are mastered. Within days, your data-reduction facility operates at a higher level of productivity than ever before.
Beyond R&D
KNOWBELL is ideally suited for measurements in a production environment. Near-field, high-clutter environments demand sophisticated tools for clutter removal and high-resolution diagnostics, while high-volume measurements, time-critical production schedules, and production personnel place extreme requirements on the reduction software. KNOWBELL successfully meets the challenges of production-environment measurements.
Time- & Cost-Saving Customization
Tasks can be tied to single buttons, involved statistical summaries can be drawn from high volumes of measurements, and experienced analysts can exert full control of complex procedures. KNOWBELL’s powerful charting capability may be customized to create data charts matching virtually all requirements, and KNOWBELL’s user-interface layouts may be adapted to custom requirements.
KNOWBELL is designed for growth and extension. The built-in scripting language is extendable. We can develop new data products and processing routines to support your needs. Support plans are also available to assist in adapting KNOWBELL to meet evolving needs.
Ease of Use
KNOWBELL features tabs that group related parameters by process. Like the pages of a book, you can quickly choose the tab you need. The tab structure extends to the images allowing you to quickly choose a polar plot, a global plot, a 2-D image, an RCS plot, or a custom data view.