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BlueImage R/T

Last Updated Tuesday, November 02, 2010 3:42:49 PM
BlueImage R/T™


Real-Time Data Display and Storage
BlueImage R/T performs real-time radar-signal processing via data link to the radar. Up to 16 images can be generated and immediately used for quality assurance.
BlueImage calibrates real-time plots, performs IER on images, and applies motion-compensation.
In addition to display of live data, BlueImage stores data in a standard Windows file format and replays previously‑collected data.
With customization, processing functions can be added to allow pass/fail analysis and immediate determination of RCS quality of the target.
BlueImage provides real-time answers to the following questions for confidence in the usefulness of the data when saved for post-processing.
• Whether or not the system is properly tracking a target.
• Whether or not the radar hardware and/or software are functioning properly.
The system provides near real-time answers to the following questions:
• Whether or not the target is at the correct levels.
• Whether or not the target passes spec at the selected threat frequencies.