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Our History

Last Updated Tuesday, November 02, 2010 2:26:30 PM
Our History

The heritage of STAR Dynamics began in 1988 as Lintek, became Aeroflex Lintek by acquisition in 1995, evolved to Aeroflex Powell in 2002, and, in 2008, became STAR Dynamics corporation.

During our organizational evolution, several classes of instrumentation radar products have been developed and sold to the LO/CLO community. The systems include the low-end network-analyzer-based radar, Model-4000 (M-4000), the gated-CW/Pulsed-IF Model-5000 (M-5000), the élan-series systems, the hand-held real-time diagnostic-imaging radar, SARBAR, and finally, the new BlueMax G6 systems.
In addition, STAR Dynamics has established a new instrumentation-radar program to develop a long-range multi-target tracking radar, XSTAR. In total, STAR Dynamics boasts a history of at least 80 individual radar systems for the RCS community.
The BlueMax Family Tree
The forerunners of BlueMax began 17 years ago, and have evolved into the highest-performance RCS measurement system available today:
·         1991—The élan radar system is introduced for the U.S. Navy's upgrade of the SPC radar systems at China lake, and provides un-precedented dynamic range, throughput, and poly-phase encoding of the transmit pulse for IQ-circularity improvement and clutter rejection.
·         1993—The élan hardware is completely revised to improve reliability and maintainability, extend the use of the VME backplane and down-size the hardware. The user-interface is completely revised, and industry-standard data storage is introduced.
·         1995—élan-95 introduces a new user interface and updated, state-of-the-art hardware.
·         1998—élan-98 improves system reliability with COTS real-time operating system and further improvement of the user interface.
·         2000—élan-2000 includes many improvements in the digital hardware, RF system, and in the data-acquisition software.
·         2006—élan-2000B introduces multiple tracking options and advanced features such as super-pulse and intra-pulse phase modulation.
·         2008—BlueMax G6 premiers as the new product name for the sixth-generation of the élan-2000B instrumentation radar system. All of the high-speed performance and superior measurement capabilities of the élan-2000B live on in BlueMax.